GitLab stopped working after the update

The other day I updated the GitLab version for Wormsoft from 10 to 13.2. The update itself went not that smooth (first I had to update Ubuntu from 16.04 up to 18.04), but in the end it was finished.

If during the update you faced the error "version GLIBC_2.25 not found", then update the Ubuntu up to ver 18.04 and the problem will be gone.

Right after the update the system didn't start to run. The error was "502. Whoops, GitLab is taking too much time to respond."

For the start I needed to understand how to watch logs - gitlab-ctl tail - and we see everything that is happening. In my case there was the following in the logs:

connect() to unix:/var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-workhorse/socket failed (2: No such file or directory) while connecting

Trying ls /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-workhorse/socket and getting this kind of error:

cannot access '/var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-workhorse/socket': Permission denied или no such file or directory which is telling us about the absence of the file on it's place. The reason was pretty trivial - socket moved to another folder and now we need to show the other path in nginx - /var/opt/gitlab/gitlab-workhorse/sockets/socket and voila! GitLab works perfectly.