Coronavirus and remote job

The current situation with quarantine due to coronavirus prompted me a discourse about remote job.

12 years ago, getting my first job, I could not understand why I have to go to it every single day, if I sit in a closet with other programmers and communicate with few people personally about work. I also understood that rent is paid for my workplace.

Well, I thought “Never mind, in a couple of years everyone will understand that working remotely is cheaper and more profitable,” in 2008. In 2017, I quit my last job. One of the main reasons was the inability to work remotely at least a couple of days a week.

For more than 2 years now I have been doing only my own business. I have my own office, but with free visits. I personally have never seen some of my employees, and I have not even heard someone. Most of our communications, even in the office, are conducted through a text messenger so that history is kept.

If earlier I assumed, now I am sure that remote work helps more than prevents. Many companies are afraid to try this technology for no particular reason. Also, formed habits and attitudes play an important role: it is impossible to control the employee, there are no habits of online conferences, the lack of visible discipline and subordination. Now a reason has appeared that is quite tangible and urgent: the epidemic and the need to stay at home for security purposes.

Now, during the epidemic, most companies will have to transfer their employees to remote work. And for some companies, this will become stressful and reduced operational efficiency.

I understand that my experience of building remote work can be useful to many of you. We decided to launch the "Remote Wormsoft - Support for Effective Remote Job" service line within Wormsoft. Now we have already digitized the business of several of our clients and have experience in this. Part of our services can be obtained completely free of charge - leave a request for a free half-hour consultation through the application on the website or by contacting me