Report about Liberating Structures

I have been distributing knowledge in my company for a long time and also teach at the OTUS school and the issue of "sharing" of knowledge is relevant for me always and everywhere.

Some time ago, I got acquainted with the term "Singular Structures" - a set of practices aimed at effective teamwork and building effective relationships for the distribution of information between participants.

Частый случай команды

I read it, understood what it was about and went on to live. But at a conference in Warsaw, I got to know this technique very closely - I ended up at a workshop, where we held a retrospective after a talk about Firebase. The technology really came to me and I decided to dive deeper into this topic and began to actively use it in my work, with my clients and developers.

This is exactly what my report is about. View his entry from KnowledgeConf2020 Online here.

Report theses

Teamwork in the development world is not only about coding, commits, deployments, tests and sprints. The key elements of teams are people and the connections between them.

Liberating Structures is a set of 33 practices that help build team interaction through communication. The end result from their use can be different - consolidation and dissemination of knowledge after listening to the report, brainstorm and generation of new ideas for solving the problem. The main idea of these techniques is that every person is involved in the process, the opinion and opinion of everyone is equally important, regardless of position.