Coronavirus. My view and thoughts.

For some of people, this movement with the virus is beneficial - especially panic. In panic, the "boat" sways, and on a swayed boat it is easier to promote your ideas.

Now those who wanted everything to be bad are reveling in the joy - the horsemen of the apocalypse on every corner say "the end for us", "the end of the ruble", "the end of the economy", "the end of all." Now is the golden time for them - there is a chance to die a hero from an epidemic, to be in the apocalypse and prove to everyone that they were right about the fact that life is bad and unreliable. Some people share photos of empty shelves more willingly than photos of good weather or new achievements. People just enjoy the fact that now everything can get bad and this only increases the panic.

Regarding empty shelves, it is obvious that with such a stir, the shelves will be empty. An fear-monger will come, buy up leftovers, the next one will come after him, send a photo of empty shelves, the panic will increae. Then a new truck will arrive, will ship new packs of buckwheat, an fear-monger will come - and so on in a circle. I think the stores have more profit now than in the pre-New Year time 🙂

The main virus is us, while we eat each other like for breakfast under the pretext of fear of the virus. You can make good money on this panic and the hype around it, and by supporting the panic, we give more and more grounds for making money on our fear, and those who make money on this invest even more resources in maintaining panic - again a vicious circle

I am not at comfortable with our ability to think soberly in the event of any real crisis. After all, any crisis can be passed together and any little thing can kill if you spend energy on destroying each other, and not on solving problems. But there will be problems - the economic shock is strong and this will definitely hook ordinary people like us and there will be 2 global models of behavior - to be sad as everything is bad or to look for opportunities in a new reality.

I do not underestimate the dangers of the virus itself and do not plan to go anywhere in the coming days so as not to take a risk , but I see no reason to say that we are finished, everything is gone, and so on. If there was any chance that panic would kill the virus, I would panic. Or maybe people think that the virus will panic and run away?)