Moreview # 3 | Alexander Afenov – team lead of team leaders at Lamoda

On Monday (April 20, 2020) Alexander Afenov came to mу as online guest. We talked in sufficient detail about the team leadership in Lamoda, devrel and the nuances of supporting the project's performance. Stream recording by link

You can listen to the audio version of the interview here

Also posted a transcript of the interview -

Little more about Sasha

I met him at the Strike in Innopolis. Then he and I also crossed paths atTeamLeadConf 2020. Sasha is the head of development at Lamoda. Has extensive experience in building team processes, onboarding and distributing knowledge in a team!

In order to get to know him better, I have collected links to the recordings of his reports, which several times were recognized as the best reports of the conference:

TeamLeadConf 2019 about types and forms of support support. Included in the TOP5 conference reports. (Decryption is on Habr)

HighLoad++ 2019 about the monitoring system in Lamoda.

TeamLeadConf 2020 about onboarding new employees. Included in the TOP5 conference reports

SaintTeamLeadConf 2018 about the duties of the team lead.

KnowledgeConf 2019 about sharing knowledge in Lamoda. Included in the TOP5 conference reports

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