Experience of participating in Kazan online meetup

A month has already passed since my speech at Kazan PHP meetup. On March 28, I had a trip to my office to speak online 🙂 More about the event- https://meetups-online.ru/virtual_php_meetup.

Performance process

In general, the experience is quite interesting - organizers are really great and quite creatively approached the organization. I told my report with a screen demonstration and then answered 3 questions right in the online broadcast: the organizers ordered a pizza for everyone who asked a question on the stream 🙂 Of course, the sensations are not like offline, where I stand on stage and a lot of people are looking at me , but it was still very cool 🙂

This is how my "scene " looks like

After answering the questions, I went to the Zoom room, where communication with everyone was already taking place. And that was, for me, even better and more effective than offline communication on the sidelines. There were several dozen people in the room and anyone could ask their question and anyone could hear the answer - in offline format, because of the general noise around, it can be hard to even hear a question and, moreover, there is no point in hoping that the answer will be heard by the one who stands far from the speaker.

This is how communication with the speaker looks like after his presentation offline

Zoom afterparty

After the speeches of all the speakers, any interested person gathered in the zoom and talked about free topics. Here, too, it turned out cool that everyone was perfectly audible and visible and you did not need to shout across the table for the interlocutor to hear you 🙂


I don’t want to say that online is better on all fronts. Obviously, offline communication is a much more interesting and enjoyable format for events, but in the absence of a choice, the online format is a really cool experience. I hope that some practices from the online format will be transferred offline in the future, which will make our world of events even better 🙂