Shifting away from PHP to GoLang using real examples

We at our company have been busy "preparing" PHP for serious tasks for a long time and have achieved some success in this. But time does not stand still, just like customer requests for the dynamism of their applications. The scale of one project required the “cut” into microservices, and then we learned both different new technologies (GraphQL, GRPC, Kubernetes, etc.), and new languages for us in the backend world - JavaScript and Golang.

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Subsequently, we began to program backend using Go and JS more and more, so that introduced us to a completely new world of opportunities and difficulties 🙂 On my presentation I plan to talk specifically about the features of the transition from PHP to GoLang, namely:

  • Comparison of Asynchronous Features
  • How to start programming in Go if no one in the team has previously used Go
  • How to make the transition as cheap as possible for the company
  • Where and what everyday tasks are easier to solve
  • In what situations, which language is more suitable and why?