PWA, AndroidX и LauncherActivity not found

Progressive web applications have great potential in the world of mobile development. This technology is still developing, but I, as a WEB developer, believe that the future of this technology is very powerful 🙂

Recently I wanted to pack one of the PWA applications into a native android application, but I faced with an error " not found". I spent a lot of time looking for the cause of this problem - Google did not help me. But in the end, my perseverance had helped 🙂

AndroidX is a kind of library which purpose is in improving life for Android developers. It contains libraries that start with support. I'm pretty bad at Android development (for now) and I couldn’t immediately understand that this is the case. I just did everything according to the instructions from the Habr -

But as we know, the devil is in the details – there was an option in the instructions from Habr to create a project without AndroidX, but I didn’t have this option in the last version 🙂

There is simply no way to uncheck the box "Use AndroidX artifacts". It turned out that you can solve this problem after you have created the project just by fixing

Both android.useAndroidX and android.enableJetifier had to be set to false. After that, click on sync project so that the IDE downloads all the dependencies and you can continue to work 🙂

But I didn’t achieve my goal - on my samsung s8 the browser strip was still there, so PWA, so far, is not for phones like mine and, therefore, not for the general public - there can be many such phones where PWA does not work correctly.