Talk at devfest in Warsaw

In the middle of autumn I wondered - where can I go as a speaker? During my searches I came across one interesting website There you can find all IT events within Google Developer Group. One of these events is, for inctance, ufadevconf 2019, where I am also a speaker.

During the search of interesting places where I could speak, I applied to various conferences and events. Many approved me, but without compensation for travel and accommodation costs. Some just did not approve me. But devfest in Warsaw turned out to be the first overseas event where they approved me ( and agreed to cover my transportation costs.

I was approved 3 weeks ago. However, I did not post until I received visa and confirmation of the purchase of tickets and hotel reservations. Now I am in hold of all the confirmations and can breathe calmly. So, almost immediately after Ufa, I will go to perform to Warsaw! For the first time, in English!